Thanjavur famous for Brihadeeswara Temple

What is Tanjore famous for?

Tanjore, known as Thanjavur among the locals, is a state in the southern state of Tamilnadu. Thanjavur is a rich culmination of arts, history, culture, economy, and much more. The town is a major agricultural centre and is known as the rice bowl of Tamilnadu. Tanjore also houses world-famous temples which are also among the UNESCO world heritage monuments.

Brihadeeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is amongst one of the largest temples in the country. And make no mistake, this temple is 1000+ years old and the temple tower is a whopping 216 feet high, making it the tallest in the world.

Brihadeeswarar Temple:

Which temple has no shadow?

The Brihadeeswarar Temple which has no shadow

The temple is a UNESCO world heritage site and a culmination of the craftsmanship and genius of the Chola empire. The main attraction of the site is “Vimana” a tower that is 66 metres long and believed to be carved out of a single stone. The entire architecture is praised and studied by architects all around the world.

Brihadeeswarar Temple was built by rajaraja chola in 1010AD.This thousand-year-old temple is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site adding to its exceptional historical and cultural value. Raja Raja Chola I was the greatest warrior and administrator in the Chola dynasty.

King Raja Raja Cholan had the main temple built completely with granite.  It is hard to imagine how, in  that age, more than 130,000 tonnes of granite was brought to the temple site, especially given that  there is no granite quarry within a hundred kilometers of the temple site.  

History says the 107 paragraphs inscribed were personally dictated by the king being seated in the royal bathing hall at the eastern side of the palace.

The Brihadeeswarar Temple has another feather to it with an acclaim of being the world’s first temple completely built from granite. With no granite quarry within 100 km. 

Why do tourists like this place?

Brihadeshwara Temple is one of the amazing Temple in Tamilnadu state of India .This temple proves our culture and our pride of India.The Brihadesvara Peruvudaiyar temple is especially famous for its inscriptions that give a detailed account of the different rulers and dynasties

Brihadeeswarar Temple-Thanjavur
Brihadeeswarar Temple-Thanjavur

Brihadeeswara Temple Opening timings

Mon to Sun( All Days)

6:00 AM – 12:30 PM

4:00 PM – 8:30 PM

How to reach Brihadeeswara Temple

Thanjavur railway station to big temple distance is approx 2.5 Km.It takes 10 minutes to travel from Thanjavur Railway Station to Brihadeeswara Temple Thanjavur. 

Thanjavur bus stand to brihadeeswarar temple distance- 5Km

Tanjore Painting

Tanjore painting has a unique feature that, it is the only painting that has embossed on it. And 22 carrot real gold foil is used to stick on embossed areas and it is never fade.

Source:Tamil Tanjore Art Gallery-Thanjavur
Source:Tamil Tanjore Art Gallery-Thanjavur

Best Place to Visit Thanjavur

Is Tanjore worth visiting? here are a few attractive destinations in Tanjore

Gangaikonda Cholapuram:

The age-old city is a remnant of one of the greatest empires in India; the Chola empire. The city was built according to the said kingdom’s grandeur and is still considered an architectural marvel by experts. The city holds the key to the history of Tanjore and is a tourist hotspot. The classic Dravidian architecture is visible in every structure to its minute details and intricate designs.

Gangaikonda Cholapuram
Gangaikonda Cholapuram-Thanjavur

Vijayanagar Fort:

Built-in 1550 A.D. by the Marathas and Nayaks, the historical monument is one of the most famous forts in South India. The fort is famous for its beautiful carvings and artworks, and its design. The fort houses an art gallery, Siva Ganga Garden and a library within its walls. The watchtower is another main attraction of the area.

Vijayanagar Fort
Vijayanagar Fort-Thanjavur
  1. Sree Aariya Bhavan: The restaurant serves one of the best food featuring the local cuisine, along with Chinese and other cuisines. The restaurant is budget-friendly, and the service is highly responsive and fast.
Thanjavur Food
  1. Nandhi’s Homely Restaurant: The restaurant is famous for its meat dishes, among a wide variety of food choices on the menu. The price is very reasonable for the quality of service.

Best places to stay in Thanjavur

  1. PLA Residency: The hotel’s location is very convenient for sightseeing purposes. The administration is very hospitable and the rooms are well-kept and spacious. The breakfast provided here resembles the local cuisine and is tasty. The price is reasonable.
  2. Grand Ashok Hotel: A deluxe hotel in the heart of Tanjore, the hotel is an amazing pick for a calming retreat. The ambience, and the service, both are top-notch. The rooms and all other amenities are clean, and well-kept. There is free wifi throughout the building.

How to reach Tanjore

Tiruchirappalli Airport is the nearest airport to Tanjore. It is almost 60 kilometres away from the place and has regular services to major cities across India, and many international destinations too. Chennai airport is the nearest big airport which has served all around the world and is appropriate for international travellers.

How can I reach Tanjore from Chennai?

Thanjavur is connected to Chennai, which is a major hub in Southern railways. Hence, there are regular services in and out of the place and can be used to travel around the country. You can reach Tanjore by train within 5 hrs approximately. Tanjore junction is the nearest railway station The mode of transportation is recommended for local tourists.

Tanjore has a well-developed road infrastructure and has national highways and state highways connecting it to many cities like Chennai.

What are some must-visit places & things to do while visiting Thanjavur?

Ensure to cover most important places to visit in Thanjavur like Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur Palace, Thiruvaiyaru,Thirukandiyur, Thiruvarur, etc. Trichy is around 60 km from Thanjavur and can be visited along with Thanjavur.

Best Time to Visit Thanjavur

The best time to visit Tanjore is in October-March. The place is a year-round destination. But, in the summers, the temperature can get very high and can decrease your sightseeing time. The time from winter to the onset of summer is deemed perfect for its pleasant weather and cool breeze.  

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