Salasar Balaji, Rajasthan

Salasar Balaji: Divinity of Devotion

Salasar is one of the most famous places in Rajasthan, which is an ideal  Spot for devotional travellers. This place is mostly famous for the Salasar Balaji temple that’s situated here.

Salasar Balaji Temple

Salasar Balaji is a place for devotees of Lord Hanuman. Located in the Churu district of Rajasthan, Salasar Dham houses the famous temple of Lord Hanuman. Innumerable Indian devotees visit this Dham throughout the year. In Chaitra Purnima and Ashwin Purnima, big fairs are organised every year. Salasar Dham is just a few minutes away from the holy temples of Khatu Shyamji and Rani Sati Dadiji.

Salasar Balaji Temple - Salasar, Rajasthan
Salasar Balaji Temple – Salasar, Rajasthan

This place is an important religious place in India where people celebrate the festival of Lord Hanuman. Maharaja Ganga Singh built it in 1890.


Khatu Syam Ji Temple

  • Khatu Syam Ji Temple: This is a village with religious importance. Here is a famous temple of Shyam Baba.
Khatu syam Ji Temple - Salasar, Rajasthan
Khatu Syam Ji Temple – Salasar, Rajasthan

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

  • Tal Chhapar Sanctuary: This is a famous sanctuary on Rajasthan, famous for black bunks and various birds. This place is located far from 210 km far from Jaipur on the side of the Great Indian desert.
Tal Chhapar Sanctuary - Salasar, Rajasthan
Tal Chhapar Sanctuary – Salasar, Rajasthan

Here is also some more places to visit like Morarka Haveli, Le price Haveli cultural centre, Dr Ramnat Podar museum etc



  • Mudra Restaurant: Mudra Restaurant offers you the deliciousness of north Indian food. You can find the restaurant easily as it is located in a very favourable location. Here is some cuisine that will help your cravings by spreading the taste.
  • Chokhi Restaurant: It is one of the closest restaurants to the Balaji temple. Here they offer you a great taste experience that can satisfy your cravings.


  • Hotel Sunshine: This hotel is just opposite the Balaji temple, close to the main gate. Services or sunshine is one of the best in staff behaviour cleanliness and fantastic atmosphere. Best services are available here at an affordable price.
  • Hotel Jesraj: This is also located near the Salsalar temple. Good and neat rooms with all large amenities. Staffs are courteous. Here the best accommodation services are available at a reasonable price.


Churu is very well-connected by road and rail to the rest of the country. Various bus and railway services run in the city,

Churu is almost surrounded by railway lines and has direct rail links to all major cities in Rajasthan, such as Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaipur etc. Through good bus services run through the city itself and to nearby areas like Bissau.

How can I reach the Salasar Balaji Temple?

You can reach Salasar Balaji by taxi or bus. To take a taxi, tell the driver “Salasar Balaji ”, and he will take you to our office. For directions by bus, ask the bus conductor to drop you off at “Karni Mata Mandir” then follow the main road to “GM street” and turn left. There is an auto stand on your right where you can get a shared auto-rickshaw for 1/8

If you’re visiting Salasar Balaji, take a complimentary coach transfer from your hotel at Jaipur to save time and energy.


The best time to visit Salasar Dham is all year round, though the summer months may be hot. The most desirable time to visit Salasar Balaji is to enjoy yourself to the fullest during the festivals and fairs. The ideal months to go to Churu are from October till March. The temple is bustling during festivals and fairs, but the quietest time is just after Diwali.

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