Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ranikhet: The Queen’s Meadow

Ranikhet is a beautiful little town and a famous hill station in the northern state of Uttarakhand. Ranikhet is a year-round tourist destination and is a place of great natural beauty. The pines trees, forests, the rich and diverse fauna and the picturesque valleys, hills, and the majestic snow-capped Himalayas; everything makes up for one of the most beautiful towns in the country.


What is special about Ranikhet?


  • Majkhali: A beautiful sightseeing point some 13 km from the Ranikhet town, Majkhali is a popular tourist destination for nature lovers. The spot offers a wonderful view of Mount Trishul and the Himalayas in the distance. The place is perfect for outdoor picnics. There are also a number of trails amidst mother nature, guided by the sweet chirping of birds.
View from Majkhali - Ranikhet, Uttarakhand
View from Majkhali – Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Ram Mandir

  • Ram Mandir: Situated near the Chaubatia Gardens, the Ram Mandir is a religiously significant temple visited by thousands of devotees every year. The temple also houses a monastery that is one of the best places that teaches Vedas of old and modern mathematics.
Ram Mandir - Ranikhet, Uttarakhand
Ram Mandir – Ranikhet, Uttarakhand


  • Bhaludam: An artificial river built-in 1903 by the British Government, the lake is simply one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Ranikhet. The greenery, the tranquillity of the dam, the snow-capped valleys adds to the beauty of the place. The panoramic view of the Himalayas stands in contrast to the greenery and sets up a nice ambience overall.
Bhaludam - Ranikhet, Uttarakhand
Bhaludam – Ranikhet, Uttarakhand



  • Chevron Rosemount: The Chevron Rosemount, being one of the popular choices of stay while in Ranikhet also houses an amazing multi-cuisine, restaurant serving Mughal, Chinese and Indian food. The ambience of the place is commendable, flourishing with greenery and cultural heritage. The service is really great too.
  • West View Hotel: The in-house restaurant of the famous West View Hotel is one of the popular choices for tourists. The hotel features a menu containing Indian European, Asian, cuisines and the food served here is cooked to near perfection.  The hotel has a vintage touch and takes you back in time.


  • A Hillock Resort-Durgesh Guest House: The resort is family-friendly, fully equipped with a shared lounge, an amazing restaurant and amazing service. The design and ambience match with the natural setting and complements the visitor’s experience of the place. There is a wonderful garden, and there are options for vegetarian breakfast.
  • Queen Meadows Ranikhet: Queen Meadows is a wonderful stay in Ranikhet and is conveniently located for visitors in transit. The hotel features include a mouth-watering barbecue, private bathrooms, amazing staff, and an exquisite view of the surroundings. Each lodging is unique and nice, and the food served is nice and of good quality. The rooms are spacious and well-kept. The ambience is nice and the service is fast and responsive.


The nearest airport is in Dehradun, The Jolly Grant Airport is almost 150 kilometres away, and is connected to major cities across the country. The nearest international airport is in New Delhi.

The Kotdwar railway station is around 44 km from the centre of the town. Naajibabad railway station is also nearby and these stations are a part of the northern railways and are extensively connected to cities across the country, and has various services running regularly.

What is the best time to visit Ranikhet?


The best time to visit Lansdowne is in the winter. The temperature can vary from 0 to 24-degree celsius around December. Travellers can expect snowfall, and this just adds to the natural and scenic beauty of the area. People will have to wear sweaters and woollen clothes but it is worth it. The misty lakes, the snow-capped mountains, the valleys covered in snow and mist are hands down one of the best views one can wish to see.

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