Rameswaram, is an “Island City”, in the southern part of India, located outside the Indian mainland. Located in the Gulf of Mannar, the place is close to the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka. Rameswaram is a tourist hotspot, and also a spot for pilgrimage as it holds much religious significance. The city is known for its calm sea breezes, temples and “Thirthams”, sacred baths found throughout the city. 


  1. Ramanathaswamy Temple: One of the most visited temples in the area, the architecture is that of the 12th century Pandya dynasty. The temple holds great religious significance and has one of the longest corridors among all Hindu temples.
  • Agnitheertham: Among the 64 Theerthams in Rameswaram, Agnitheertahm sees the most footfall. It is a popular choice of pilgrimage by devotees. The bath is situated near the Ramanathaswamy temple
  • Dhanushkodi Beach: One of the most pristine beaches in India, Dhanushkodi beach is an exhilarating experience for tourists. The beach surrounded by the Gulf of Mannar and the Bay of Bengal sets an amazing sunset and sunrise. There are also opportunities for recreational activities such as surfing in the area. The ruined church of Dhanushkodi is also another favourite spot for tourists.
  • Pamban Bridge: If you are travelling by train, this will be hard to miss. The Pamban bridge which connects the Indian mainland with Pamban island is the second-longest railway bridge. The bridge stands as the epitome of Indian skill and hard work and is an architectural marvel.


  • FOOD
  1. The Curry: The Curry is a sophisticated, quiet, and multi-cuisine restaurant, one of the best quality food served in the area.  
  2. Hotel Ahaan: Another noteworthy hotel for its good food and great hospitality.
  3. Sri Murugan Mess: If you want to experience the local cuisine, this will be the place for you. Here, you can experience the food in its pristine state.
  1. HOTEL RAMESWARAM GRAND: The hotel offers one of the best value for money in the area. The service is very good and the ambience is commendable.
  2. HOTEL ASHOKA: One of the popular choices of tourists while in the area. The services are up to par and are provided at a reasonable price.


Rameswaram doesn’t have an airport. SO, if you are travelling by air, the nearest airports are the Madurai Airport and the Tuticorin Airport. From there, you may have to switch to other modes of transportations.

Rameswaram is well connected to the other major cities in Tamilnadu by rail and road alike. So, by choosing any of the above, you will have sufficient transport facilities such as trains, and buses at regular intervals to the place. 


Being at the bottom end of the peninsula, Rameswaram has a tropical climate. For visiting, the best time would be October-April. This time of the year generally has a mild climate, with the temperature dropping to 17-degree celsius in the winter. These are the best time for sightseeing and shopping as the temperature tends to reach well over 30-degree celsius in summer.

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