Oman is giving 10 days relaxation in Visas to these 103 countries to promote tourism in the country

Oman to give 10-day visa-free entry to 103 countries to boost tourism

Indian citizens who wish to travel to Oman can stay in the country for up to 10 days without the need for an entry visa. 

Oman has taken a big decision to boost tourism in the country and to speed up the economy, for which the visa fee has been removed for 10 days.

Oman has taken a big decision to boost tourism in the country and to speed up the economy. Oman is offering citizens of 103 countries a great opportunity to roam in Oman. For this, Oman has announced a list of 103 countries including India in which citizens will no longer require entry visas for which the visa fee has been lifted for 10 days.

According to a tweet shared by the Royal Oman Police, all passengers must show the hotel, return tickets and health insurance documents to obtain an entry visa for the Sultanate of Oman. Let us tell you that Oman suspended tourist entry visas due to the coronavirus epidemic but once again the country will now start giving travel visas to those who are planning to go on an organized trip by hotels and travel firms.

The same Oman resumed international flight operations on 1 October with facilities for citizens and people with work visas. European countries exempted from 10-day entry visas Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Cyprus, Ukraine, Andorra, Italy, Bulgaria, San Marino, Switzerland, Croatia, Liechtenstein Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Georgia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Spain, Czech Republic, Vatican, Austria, Ireland, Britain, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, France, Latvia, Moldova and the Netherlands are included in this list. .

For South America, travelers from Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Sirnam, Argentina, Brazil and Chile are exempted from visas to enter Oman for a period of 10 days. Countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria and Mauritania have been added to the list in the Arab world.

1. Portugal

2. Sweden

3. Norway

4. Andorra

5. Italy

6. Bulgaria

7. San Marino

8. Switzerland

9. Croatia

10. Liechtenstein

11. Macedonia

12. Hungary

13. Serbia

14. Georgia

15. Estonia

16. Denmark

17. Germany

18. Greece

19. Iceland

20. Belgium

21. Romania

22. Slovenia

23. Finland

24. Luxembourg

25. Malta

26. Monaco

27. Cyprus

28. Ukraine

29. Spain

30. Czech Republic

31. Vatican

32. Austria

33. Ireland

34. Britain

35. Poland

36. Slovakia

37. France

38. Latvia

39. Lithuania

40. Moldova

41. The Netherlands.

Rest of the world:

42. Japan

43. Thailand

44. South Africa

45. India

46. Hong Kong

47. Russian Federation

48. People’s Republic of China

49. Seychelles

50. United States of America

51. Brunei Darussalam

52. Turkey

53. South Korea

54. New Zealand

55. Iran

56. French Guyana

57. Australia

58. Indonesia

59. Taiwan

60. Canada

61. Malaysia

62. Macau

63. Singapore

64. Azerbaijan

65. Uzbekistan

66. Belarus

67. Tajikistan

68. Kyrgyzstan

69. Costa Rica

70. Nicaragua

71. Armenia

72. Panama

73. Bosnia and Herzegovina

74. Turkmenistan

75. Honduras

76. Guatemala

77. Kazakhstan

78. Laos

79. Albania

80. Bhutan

81. Peru

82. Maldives

83. El Salvador

84. Vietnam

85. Cuba

86. Mexico

Arab world:

87. Egypt

88. Tunisia

89. Algeria

90. Mauritania

91. Morocco

92. Lebanon

93. Jordan

South America:

94. Ecuador

95. Bolivia

96. Venezuela

97. Colombia

98. Uruguay

99. Paraguay

100. Suriname

101. Argentina

102. Brazil

103. Chile

The Asian countries on the last list are India, Armenia, Panama, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkmenistan, Honduras, Guatemala, Iran, Ghana, French Australia Indonesia, Taiwan, Canada, Malaysia, Macau Islands, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belarus. Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Russia, People’s Republic of China, Seychelles, USA, Brunei Darussalam, Turkey, Korea, South New Zealand, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Laos Albania, Bhutan, Peru, Maldives, Salvador, Vietnam, Cuba and Mexico are included.

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