Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu: An oasis in the Desert

Located in India’s Rajasthan state, near the Gujarat border, Mount Abu is a hill station situated on a high rocky plateau with views over the arid plains below. It offers a relatively cool climate and a picturesque setting, surrounded by forest and mountaintops. In the heart of town, Nakki Lake is an ideal place for boating. This is a pleasant hill station in Western India’s Rajasthan state, near the Gujarat border. The average temperature here is 24 degrees centigrade, and the average rainfall is estimated at 770 mm.


Why Mount Abu is famous?

Dilwara Jain Temples

  1. Dilwara Jain Temples: Dilwara Temples are is essential mainly because of their marvellous design and radiant marble stone carvings. You will get a fantastic experience when you see it. Dilwara Jain Temple is a perfect example of engineering and architecture from the 10th century. The beautiful carvings, sculptures, and large garden give it a fantastic contrast. It’s one of the best places to visit on Mount Abu.
Dilwara Jain Temples - Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Dilwara Jain Temples – Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. Wildlife Sanctuary: Today, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to flowering beauty that will take your breath away. There are over 449 genera and 820 species of plants. A significant number of these are dicots, and the rest are monocots. This place is home to a wide variety of beautiful wildflowers.
Wildlife Sanctuary - Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Wildlife Sanctuary – Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Nakki Lake

  1. Nakki Lake: On one hand, if it is the largest artificial lake at the height of 11, 00 meters in India and on the other hand, as a naturally occurring lake surrounded by mountains and consisting of innumerable pools, Nakki Lake is very much enchanting. Nakki Lake in here is the largest artificial lake in India.
Nakki Lake - Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Nakki Lake – Mount Abu, Rajasthan



  1. Sher-E Punjab Hotel- Craving for that authentic aroma and taste of your favourite North Indian cuisines while you enjoy your trip?  The Sher-e Punjab Hotel offers a range of luscious and rich non-vegetarian delights.
  1. Mulberry Tree Restaurant- A restaurant with a legacy as old as history itself, the Mulberry tree has to be a must-visit place for everyone visiting this place. No matter who you are or when you come here, we have something special planned for you.


  1. Cama Rajputana Club Resort- Constructed in 1883, the Cama Rajputana Club Resort was built by a royal family for their royal friends to enjoy. The resort is a unique heritage luxury resort offering stunning panoramic views, beautifully landscaped gardens.
  1. Sterling Resort provides the perfect retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life. It is situated on a hill with a magnificent view of the valley. The rooms here will provide you and your family with a blissful stay at our resort. You can choose from various options to optimize your experience.


The nearest domestic airport to here is located at Udaipur at a distance of 210 km. Further, it is connected to major Indian cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai. To reach here, we can also take taxis from the airport.

While the nearest international airport is located at Ahmedabad.

Which season is best to visit Mount Abu?


Although Mount Abu has beautiful weather all year round, the best time to visit is during November and March. This place is a city that welcomes you with its warm and friendly ambience.

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