Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Mandu: The City of Joy

Mandu is a beautiful town located in India. It’s surrounded by crenellated walls and has great getaways with attractive architecture, including the unique tomb of Hoshang Shah, a once-powerful king who lived there in the 14th century.

The ancient fort city of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh provides a unique perspective on the region’s history. Both cultural and geographic influences inspire distinct architecture. Visit to discover the unique blend of Afghanistan and Indian influences. The Mughal King Baz Bahadur built the Mandu Palace in 1540. Baz Bahadur declared his love for Rupmati, a Hindu Rajput princess. He then built a beautiful palace as an expression of his undying love for her. The castle still stands today as a testimony to their unswerving affection.


What is famous in Mandu?

1. Jahaz Mahal

Jahaz Mahal - Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
Jahaz Mahal – Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

The Jahaz Mahal was built in the second half of the 15th century by the Mandu Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din Khilji and is of Indo-Islamic style architecture. This magnificent fort was a royal pleasure palace for the Sultana’s (the Sultan’s consort). It was built to match their ideals of comfort, luxury, and privacy.

The Jahaz Mahal combines Afghan, Mughal, Hindu and Mesopotamian architecture styles to create a truly unique palace. The structure, which was built when the Mughal empire was in its prime, is distinguished by ornate detail. The acoustic water supply patterns followed in the palace are reflected subtly in the pond overlooking the castle. This palace is an example of masterful craftsmanship and engineering skills.

Timings: 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Entry Fee: For Indians, it is INR 5, and for foreign tourists, it is INR 100

2. Jami Masjid

Jami Masjid - Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
Jami Masjid – Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Because of the architectural techniques used by Hoshang Shah, inspired by Damascus’ Umayyad Mosque, this giant red-stone mosque can be seen even from a few kilometres away.

This amazingly beautiful monument was built due to the great relationship shared between Hoshang Shah and Mohammed Khilji. Despite its complexity, this monument is considered to be an example of Afghan architecture in India.

3. Hindola Mahal

Hindola Mahal - Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
Hindola Mahal – Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

This Mahal in Mandu is a tourist attraction and a palace of Ghiyas-al-Din Sultan. The architecture of the palace is of Malwa Sultans. The palace’s grandeur can be seen in the opulent Durbar halls that housed the royal court during the reign of Ghiyas-al-Din Sultan. The Hindola Mahal perfectly portrays the Malwa-Sultanate architecture.

Timings: 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Entry Fee: For Indians, it is INR 5, and for foreign tourists, it is INR 100


By Air

The nearest airport is Indore, which is around 100 km away. There are frequent flights that connect Indore to Delhi, Mumbai, Gwalior, and Bhopal.

By Road

Connected by a network of excellent roads, Mandu is 35 km from Dhar and 154 km from Indore. Buses regularly ply between Mandu and these cities and others such as Ratlam (70 km from Dhar) and Ujjain via Indore in the northwest of Madhya Pradesh (285 km from Indore).

By Train

Ratlam is a town in Madhya Pradesh. It’s accessible via road, rail, or air. Ratlam Junction is a major rail junction with trains coming from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc.

What is the best time to visit Mandu?


October – March isthe best time to visit mandu.Summers are hot there, so this moderate temperature period gives you a pleasant travel experience.

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