Mahabalipuram: The Seven Pagodas

Mahabalipuram is a town in the southern state of Tamilnadu. It is a temple town and is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The town is rich in its traditions and culture and is one of the most visited tourist hotspots in India. The place is also called Mamallapuram.

Best Place to Visit Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple:

The temple dates back to the 8th century and is one of the oldest temples with art and ancient designs. The temple is located near the shore of the Bay of Bengal. There are three shrines in the temple, two of which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and the other one is for Lord Vishnu.

Shore Temple
Shore Temple
  • Pancha Rathas: The name derives from the five chariots carved in rocks. The chariots are from the epic of Mahabharata and hold religious significance. The temple is an architectural masterpiece and the Rathas are visited by thousands of devotees every year.
Pancha Rathas
  • Descent of the Ganges: The historic place contains sculptures carved on two boulders, with amazing craftsmanship. It tells more about the life of the people living in that era and is a great remnant of the Pallava dynasty.
Descent of the Ganges
Descent of the Ganges



  1. WelcomeCafe Riva: One of the best restaurants in the area, the WelcomeCafe is a beachside restaurant with provisions for both indoor and outdoor dining. The ambience is very calming, and the food is amazing. Among the dishes, you have to try the local items including fish items, which are out of the world. The service is very responsive and the price is very reasonable for the quality of service provided.
  2. Blue Bay Beach Restaurant: The Beach restaurant offers multi-cuisine foods, but Indian food stands out among them. The restaurant lights up at nights and offers an amazing ambience. The price is budget-friendly, and the service is very responsive.


  1. Ideal Beach Resort Mahabalipuram Stay: The resort is perfect for retreats amidst nature. The famous tiger cave is just 2 km away. There are rooms with garden views and beach views. Amenities include a swimming pool, bonfires, nature walks, and other sports facilities. The service is very responsive and the and rooms are very spacious and well-kept. 
  2. Shelter Beach Resort: The Shelter Beach Resort is a luxurious stay in the town of Mahabalipuram, with a scenic beach view. The service is very responsive and the amenities include swimming pools and beach games, etc. 

How to Reach Mahabalipuram

If you are travelling by air, Chennai International Airport is nearest to Mahabalipuram. With a distance of 61 kilometres, travellers may have to resort to other means of transportation from the airport to reach the destination.

The major railway station is at Chengalpattu and has regular services that connect to major cities of India. The next closest railway station is Chennai which is a major hub of the South Indian railways and is one of the largest in the country. 

There are MTC and TNSTC bus services to the area from the major cities of Chennai, Kancheepuram and Chengalpattu. The road infrastructure is well-built and maintained, and without much traffic.

Best time for visit Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram has a tropical climate, and the summers may not be apt for sightseeing. The best time to visit would be from November-February before the temperature reaches its peak. November-February offers a pleasant climate and the winter here is not much chilly and won’t interfere with your plans in the city.

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