Kovalam: Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

Kovalam-The land of the crescent beaches

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Kerala, if not in India, Kovalam stands proudly in the capital of Kerala, facing the Arabian Sea. Kovalam has an amazing 17 kilometres of shoreline. Kovalam is mostly known for its beaches. The beach has been popular among foreign tourists since the 1930s when it caught public attention. But, 3 important beaches are the favourites of every tourist.

The first and the longest is Lighthouse Beach, which has the most traffic. The beach, as the name suggests, has a 30-metre high lighthouse above a hillock on the side of the beach. The second one is Eve’s beach, which for its beauty has been named so. The third is Samudra Beach, which is not a major tourist attraction but is used by fishermen of the area for their livelihood. The beaches in Kovalam are characterised by shallow waters and low tides. This is perfect for people looking to have a nice outing with their friends or family.  

Kovalam Beach

There are numerous recreational activities offered in the area for you to pick from according to your tastes and budgets. This includes leisure activities such as sunbathing, tanning, massages, cultural events, and adventurous activities like parasailing, speed boating, surfing, catamaran cruising, and much more. If you are looking to just kick back and relax, Kovalam is the place for you.

Along the beach, there are many resorts for every kind of budget, from cheap to deluxe 5-star hotels. The resorts are perfect candidates for spending your weekend in Kovalam. The resorts offer a variety of leisure activities too, like spas and massages. Along the side of the beaches are a wide range of shops near the beachfront and on the way, which is perfect for buying gifts and souvenirs for your trip.

The most beautiful among the sights in Kovalam is the sunset. Sunset in Kovalam is heavenly to watch; especially from the Lighthouse Beach. The orange hue spreading its way across to the lighthouse and blending with the sea at the horizon can only be described as magical. There are many other places other than the beach to visit while in Kovalam. The Vellayani Lake and the Veli tourist Village are some of the popular choices of visitors. Historic sites like the Vizhinjam Rock cut Caves are also near to the area, which is 800 B.C. Hindu temple. It sheds light upon the lives of our ancestors, and their culture and traditions.


Kovalam has one of the largest footfalls of domestic and foreign tourists in Kerala. Its pristine beaches setting up a quite lovely retreat for every age group and the hospitality sector of the area is best-in-class. But Kovalam is not only about its beaches. The predominantly fishing town is beautiful even without taking the beaches into account. The coconut grooves in the area, the food, the people; all offer a varied experience from what we are normally used to.

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