Uparkot Fort Cover - Junagarh, Gujarat

Junagarh: The Old Fort

Junagadh, or popularly known as Junagarh, is a city in the southwest part of Gujarat. The city has a rich history from and before the colonial era. The term Junagarh means “old fort”. The City has many famous and historic landmarks throughout its length and receives increasing footfalls with each passing year.  


Why is Junagadh famous?

Uperkort Fort

  • Uperkort Fort: The fort is one of the oldest building in the area. It has a rich history of over 2300 years. The wall reaches over 20 metres in some areas. The fort has been a major stronghold throughout the ages and is a landmark of the area. There are many deep moats near the fort.
Uparkot Fort - Junagarh, Gujarat
Uparkot Fort – Junagarh, Gujarat

Navghan Kuvo and Adi-Kadi Vav

  • Navghan Kuvo and Adi-Kadi Vav: These are two ancient wells. The wells are situated inside the Uperkort Fort. The wells are carved in stone and are one of a kind. The intriguing structure is not dug in the ground.
Adi-Kadi Vav - Junagarh, Gujarat
Adi-Kadi Vav – Junagarh, Gujarat

Buddhist Caves

  • Buddhist caves: The structure is not technically a cave. The rooms are carved out in rocks. These were working quarters of Buddhist monks in the olden times. The oldest of these caves are the Khapra Kodia caves. The caves are unique and a man-made marvel because they have been carved inside living rocks. These caves have been carved inside living rocks which makes them unique and special and one of the best places to visit in Junagarh. These caves are one of the best attractions in the area.
Buddhist Caves - Junagarh, Gujarat
Buddhist Caves – Junagarh, Gujarat



  1. Petals Restaurant: If you want to taste the local cuisine, this is the best restaurant for you. The thali meal served in the restaurant is a must-try and is one of the popular choices of tourists. 
  2. Utsav Restaurant: The ambience of the restaurant is very calm, and the restaurant offers a quiet environment for visitors. The hotel serves amazing food featuring the local cuisine. The food quality is very good and the service is fast and responsive. Moreover, the restaurant is budget-friendly.


  1. Click Hotel: The deluxe hotel offers one of the best stays in the area. The amenities include a terrace that offers a stunning view of the surroundings, 24-hour reception services, free WiFi, a restaurant etc. Rooms are spacious and well-kept. The service provided here is commendable.
  2. Bellevue Sarovar Portico: The luxurious hotel is set right in the heart of Junagarh. Featuring a restaurant with an amazing menu and mouth-watering food, free WiFi throughout the hotel, an amazing terrace, etc. The breakfast served here is up to international standards and the dinner buffet is excellent.


The closest airport to the city is in Rajkot. The Rajkot Domestic airport is around 106 kilometres from the city and offers regular service to Mumbai and Ahmedabad, where there are major airports that are connected to many international destinations. 

The railway station in Junagarh is a part of the western railways and is connected extensively to Ahmedabad, which is a major hub for railways.   


The end of the monsoon marks the ideal time for visiting Junagarh. This is from October. The winter is very pleasant here and is ideal for visiting paces, without the scorching heat of the summer, and the constant worry of rains ruining your plan in the monsoon.

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