Hyderabad: The City of Nawabs

Hyderabad is the capital and one of the largest cities in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is rich in its history and traditions and played a pivotal role in colonial India. The city was a centre for diamond trade, and hence known as “ the pearl city”. The city has numerous structures depicting classic Indo-Islamic architecture and is one of the must-visit places in India.


  1. Charminar: The star attraction of Hyderabad, Charminar is one of the tourist hotspots in Hyderabad. The structure is located in the old city. AS the name suggests, the structure has four minarets or towers in each corner. There is a mosque located on top of the structure. The facade is a beauty to look at and is one of India’s proud gems.
  • Golconda Fort: The fort is 11 kilometres away from the city. This architectural marvel was built in the 12th century with over 8 gates and 87 bastions. The fort is a significant revenant of the past of India. Its impressive structure has majestic walls which are as high as 15 to 18 foot and a perimeter of close to 11 km. The fort has been passed down through many rulers and have influenced its history and is a priceless treasure preserved in all its pristineness.
Golconda Fort
  • Ramoji Film City: Ramoji Film City is a one-stop-shop for filmmakers. The studio, which spans over 2500 acres, contains all services necessary to create a movie. There are a lot of iconic sets already created for the filmmakers. The studio can hold the film crews of 50 different units at a time. This marvel of a studio is a major tourist hotspot, both locally and internationally.
Ramoji Film City



  1. AB’s Absolute Barbecue: One of the best places to serve barbecue, or food in general, in Hyderabad. The restaurant is quite famous and may need to make prior reservations to be able to enjoy it. The nights are the recommended time where the lights just blend in perfectly with the already perfect ambience and become something from out of this world.
  2. Tatva: If you are a fan of fine dining, this is the spot for you. The food here top-notch, visually and in taste. The dressing of their special dishes requires praise. The service is very responsive and the place is very calm and perfect for special occasions.
  1. Radisson Blu Plaza: The hotel is in the city centre, near to the largest shopping complex in Hyderabad. The hotel is one of the best stays in the area, complete with many amenities such as a swimming pool, 3 options for dining, free Wi-Fi, etc. The management is very experienced and welcoming. The rooms are kept to international standards and, surely, you will enjoy your time there.
  2. The Park Hyderabad: The hotel is one of the most rated in the city, in terms of service, and comfort. There is an amazing view of Hussain Sagar Lake from the rooms, and it is phenomenal. The rooms are spacious, well-kept, and room service is very responsive and hospitable. There are concierge facilities available, and many amenities can be availed while checked in.


If you are travelling by air, the Hyderabad International airport is near to the city centre and will be the best option for people looking for lesser travel time. 

The city has a well-connected network of light railways and metros, that can get you around the city without being stuck in traffic. Major railway services are connecting major cities of other states to Hyderabad and are the preferred mode of transportation for locals.

Being one of the most populous cities in India, the city is quite developed in terms of road infrastructure. Many state-run services can get you around the city to major tourist sites.


There is no right time to visit Hyderabad. Every season brings in a fresh wave of beauty and royalty to the place. The summers can get a little hot and humid, and it’s advised to have skin protection creams for foreign travellers. 

The winters are magical in Hyderabad. The pleasant weather, the added beauty, the serenity it offers is unparalleled. The climate is just right, not too chilly, and not so hot. You’ll have maximum time for sightseeing this time around. 

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