Hampi: The Shangri-La of India

Hampi is a place where history rests. The age-old city has a rich history which dates back to thousands of year and has been referred to by many great travellers of the time, as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Even though most of the city is now inhabited, the grandeur of the remnants of its forgotten past still exists in each structure and attracts numerous visitors every year.


  • Virupaksha Temple: The Virupaksha temple, which is located near the banks of the Tungabhadra river, is one of the top attractions of Hampi. Dated back to the 7th century, the temple is a historical facade telling stories of multiple kingdoms and rulers, and the development it has seen through each era. The striking feature of the temple complex is the use of mathematical concepts to create intricate designs which shows the advancement and entanglement of science and architecture in the past.
Virupaksha Temple - Hampi, Karnataka
Virupaksha Temple – Hampi, Karnataka
  • Vijaya  Vittala Temple: Another historic landmark in the town of Hampi, The Vijaya Vittala is one of the oldest buildings in the area. The temple is famous for its amazing stone carved structures and intricate designs, especially the musical pillars. The temple showcases Dravidian architecture at its best, and the craftsmanship displayed is unparalleled.
Vijaya  Vittala Temple - Hampi, Karnataka
Vijaya  Vittala Temple – Hampi, Karnataka
  • Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple: Just 2 kilometres from the Virupaksha temple, the temple is a part of a cave on top of a hill. The place is a perfect spot to witness the sunset and to experience the evening breeze on top of the hill. The Tungabhadra river which passes through the steps of the hill, also adds to the beauty.
Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple - Hampi, Karnataka
Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple – Hampi, Karnataka



  1. Mango Tree Restaurant: One of the best restaurants in the area, the restaurant is a must-visit spot whilst in Hampi. You get to experience the essence of the local cuisine from the food served here. Moreover, the service is very good, and the place is budget-friendly.
  2. The Goan Corner: The restaurant offers very good food at a reasonable price. With outdoor seatings and vegetarian-friendly food, the place offers a wholesome experience for the traveller. The Indian cuisine restaurant is one of the favourite choices of foreign and local tourists alike.


  1. Hyatt Place Hampi: Hyatt place Hampi is a deluxe hotel that offers packages to explore Hampi with carefully curated timelines. Hyatt Place is a wonderful hotel for a retreat. The location is great, convenient, and amazing. The staff is courteous and the service is very responsive.
  2. Wishspring Rock Resort: The resort is a world in itself. An amazing restaurant with a great menu, a bar, and a terrace are some of the many amenities offered here. The ambience is very calming, and the staff is very hospitable, with a 24*7 enquiry section for our queries and needs.


Travelling by air is not recommended for local tourists, as the nearest airport is in Belgaum which is 270 kilometres away. The airport is connected to major cities across the country, but you may have to switch to other modes of transportation, from Belgaum to reach Hampi.

The Hospet Junction Railway station has services that connect to most of the prime cities in the country. The station sees regular services and is often the preferred mode of local tourists.

Hampi, being one of the most important tourist hotspots, there are many bus services run by the state government from various part of the state. These include cities like Bengaluru and Mysore.


Winter is the popular choice of time to visit Hampi. This is due to the mild weather seen in the southern states of India during the season. Moreover, the Hampi Festival, one of the biggest events in the area, occurs in November, which aligns with the winter.

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