Gir National Park – Gujarat, India

Why Gir national park is famous?

Gir National Park is one of the most iconic and famous forest and wildlife sanctuary in India. The park is also known as Sasan Gir. The national park was established in 1965 in a private hunting area. With a total area of over 1400 sq km, the National park accounts for over 258 sq. km and the rest remains fully protected as a wildlife sanctuary.

What is special about Gir National Park?

Flora Found in Gir

There are over 400 plant species in the area. The surrounding forest constitutes mainly of teak, and acacia and many deciduous trees. The forest and the greenery have much significance as it produces over 5 million kilograms of green grass and an amazing amount of firewood as well.

Animals in Gir

The national park and wildlife sanctuary houses over 2375 species of animals, out of which 2000 are insects. This comprises many endangered species, indigenous to the area, and rarely seen.

The carnivores present in the national park consists of Asiatic Lion Indian leopard, Indian grey mongoose, honey badger, Asiatic wildcat, Bengal fox, etc. Asiatic Lion is the star attraction of the Gir National Park. This is because Gir Forest is the only place other than Africa where Lions are seen roaming freely.

The herbivores of the region include animals like nilgai, sambar, wild boar, blackbucks, etc.

The reptiles have their representation from the Indian cobra, tortoise, monitor lizard, etc. They are seen mostly near bodies of water in the Gir region.

There are over 300 species of birds, most of which are indigenous. The main attractions include over 6 species of vultures. 

Is Gir national park worth visiting?


Many activities are being offered in the Gir region.

  • Forest Safari: Sign up for a ride through the Gir Forest and experience the wild in its entirety. The trip is a dream come true for nature lovers, as you can see the king of the jungle up close. The Safari is done in two shifts per day: 8-11 Am and 3-5 Pm.
Forest Safari - Gir National Park, Gujarat
Forest Safari – Gir National Park, Gujarat
  • Shopping: Being one of the most visited places in India, there are a lot of choices for shopping in Gir. Souvenirs from the place include many handicrafts items, like wall hangings, and cradle clothes.
Shopping - Gir National Park, Gujarat
Shopping – National Park, Gujarat
  • Tribal Festivals: Apart from the majestic creatures that adorn the Gir region, there is a rich and cultural background for Gir. The tribal people of the area organize festivals where visitors get to spend some time experiencing the tradition of the locals.
Tribal Festivals - Gir National Park, Gujarat
Tribal Festivals – Gir National Park, Gujarat
  • Bird Watching: The national park is a heaven for many rare species of birds, and bird watching enthusiasts love this park for its wide range of birds seen in it. The best time for bird watching is December -January. This is because many migratory birds come to the area during these months, and it is a visual treat for all nature lovers.
Bird Watching - Gir National Park, Gujarat
Bird Watching – Gir National Park, Gujarat

Which is the best time to visit Gir National Park?

Best Time To Visit

Gir National park is closed between June 16 and October 15 every year. The ideal time for visiting Gir is December and March. This is to avoid the harsh climate and catch the timings of most migratory birds which are visiting the area near that time. But, if you are looking for capturing some amazing photos of the wildlife sanctuary and its inhabitants, the summer months of April and May is best suited for you.

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