Chennai: Gateway to South India

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is one of the biggest educational, cultural, historical, and economic centres in India. It is one of the tourist hotspots and has many breathtaking spots throughout its length. The city


  1. Marina Beach: It is the largest beach in India, and sees increasing footfalls every year. The calm waves and shallow waters make it a tourist attraction. The sky meeting the water at the horizon painted in an orange hue is one of the memorable scenes you can take back from your visit to the area. There are many activities such as horse riding, kite flying and other beach sports in the area.
  • Vellankani Shrine: It is one of the most sacred shrines for all south Indian Christians. Situated near Elliot’s Beach, the shrine overlooks the Bay of Bengal and provides an ambience that is calming and enlightening. The entire structure is pearl white and has very tall towers. 
  • Fort St. George: One of the remnants of colonial rule, Fort St. George is now a museum housing many artefacts of the past. The strategic location of the Fort was one of the reasons for it operating as a centre point for administration in the colonial era. The structure is one of the tallest in the area. The architecture is a masterpiece and contains history from the 17th century. 



  1. R & G GreenPark Chennai: This is one of the best restaurants in the area. The service and the food are commendable. Barbecue is one of the famous delicacies of the restaurant. The price is reasonable for the amazing Indian food served here.
  2. MKC-Madras Kitchen Company: The restaurant serves amazing food, and the ambience is so soothing. It is a perfect spot to try new things, and the menu is very diverse and offers new dishes that are seldom seen in other restaurants.


  1. ITC Grand Chola: The luxury hotel is sure to be in your best moments of the visit to Chennai. The sheer beauty of the stay, and the quality service is up to international standards. The food served here is amazing, and there are all kinds of activities offered in the hotel. The hotel is near Chennai Airport.
  2. Al Noor Palace Hotel: The hotel is situated near Marina Beach. Well kept rooms and good service are provided. There is an excellent viewpoint of the city and the beach from the terrace. There are shared lounges and many other facilities that you can avail of. This is the perfect place to relax after a long day at the beach. 


Chennai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country and has flights from all over the world. So, you could always use air travel as your first choice while visiting from abroad.

Chennai is the headquarters for Southern railways. Needless to say, the place is connected to all major cities via rail and has regular services to all major parts of the country.

If you want to get around in Chennai, the Metro is your best bet. There are many stations all over the city, making travel easy and fast.


Chennai is a year-round tourist destination. But, it would be best to visit the place during October-March. This marks the end of the monsoon and the start of winter. This allows you to have maximum time for outings and sightseeing. The weather is very comfortable in Chennai during winter. The summers and the monsoon can be a little harsh and interfere with your outings. 

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