Bundi, Rajasthan

Bundi: The Summer Palace

Bundi is one of the hottest places you can visit in Rajasthan, and the reason behind it is that it lies on the west most of Rajasthan, and due to the location, this place does not act as a famous tourist attraction. Like in whatever season we go we will have to face the intense weather conditions, and due to this, the people do not like to visit this place.


Why is Bundi famous?

Sukh Mahal

  • Sukh Mahal: This place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the city of Bundi. This place having this much visiting is that it is a beautiful palace or a fort surrounded by water on all the four sides itself so that if any tourist visits this place, they have to take a boat to reach this fort.
Sukh Mahal - Bundi, Rajasthan
Sukh Mahal – Bundi, Rajasthan

Badal Mahal

  • Badal Mahal: This is one of the most famous tourist spots as this place has all the best art pieces of this state stored in one spot, and so the people who have even a little interest in art and paintings can come to this place and buy whichever painting, they would like to buy to keep this place going.
Badal Mahal - Bundi, Rajasthan
Badal Mahal – Bundi, Rajasthan

Garh Mahal

  • Garh Mahal: This vast palace is a sight to see from far, and the reason behind it is that this palace contains many small palaces in it, so the people who go to see this palace are often amazed to see the number of small palaces which it contains.
Garh Mahal - Bundi, Rajasthan
Garh Mahal – Bundi, Rajasthan



  • The Orient: If you live in the state Bundi and are a fan of the cuisines such as Chinese and Italian, this restaurant is the best that you can find in this city, and along with the excellent staff, this restaurant will serve your taste buds up to the maximum extent.
  • The Pan International: Most of the people living in this state are vegetarians, so to serve the taste buds of these people, this restaurant was made and had been delighting the taste buds of all the people with their delicious delicacies.


  • Hotel Bundi House: This hotel is one of the most famous hotels built in this city. The reason is that this hotel is built on a mountain and so all the customers who stay in this hotel get amazing views of the whole city and even see all the famous monuments from a view already.
  • Dev Niwas: This hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in this city, and the reason is that it is one of the most beautiful hotels in this city and because this hotel has still maintained its heritage look, which makes it even more beautiful than the hotels that have a beautiful view here.


Bundi is a major city in terms of development. Bundi Junction Railway Station is in between the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Jaipur-Delhi line and has frequent services to cities across India.

What is the best time to visit Bundi?


Bundi is a year-round destination. However, from October-February, the preferred choice is from the onset of winter to the onset of summer. Thereby you can escape the climate on Rajasthan that ruin your plans.

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