Maharajganj Top Places To Visit for Tourist

Famous Places To Visit In Maharajganj- Uttar Pradesh

About Maharajganj

Maharajganj is one of the districts in Uttar Pradesh in northern India. This is located in Terrain regions of Himalayas, bordering Nepal in North. Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh gained autonomy on 2 October 1989.

This district covers an area of 2951 sq. km.  The Religious temples Lehra Devi and Itahiya Panchmukhi Shiv Mandir in famous in the region and in Nepal. According to the 2011 census, the population of this place is 2,673,878.

Best Places To Visit In Maharajganj

Temple of Goddess(Lehda Devi Temple)

Lehra devi Temple- Maharajganj

This is an important pilgrimage site of the Maharajganj  district, it can be reached by going 5 km from Farenda tehsil headquarters to Bazmanganj road and going 02 km west from the road. In ancient times this place was covered with a dense forest called Adravan. Here the holy temple of Mother Banadevi Durga is situated on the banks of the ancient river (now Nala) called Pawah. According to popular beliefs and religious beliefs, this Dechi Temple was established by Arjana himself during the Mahabharata period, during the unknown period of Pandavas. The ancient name of this religious place was ‘Adrauna Devi Than’, which is presently known as Lehda Devi Temple. According to ancient folk belief, during the Mahabharata period, the Pandavas spent most of the period of their exile in this dense ‘Ardhavan’. During this period, Arjuna worshiped Vandevi here. Pleased with worship, Vandevi Maa Bhagwati Durga gave Arjuna many unfathomable powers. Thereafter, Arjuna established this Shakti Peetha as per the order of Mother Bhagwati. Later she became famous as ‘Adrauna Devi’. It is believed that if a person visits the temple for regular 5 Tuesdays, his wishes are fulfilled.

How to Reach Temple of Goddess: Maharajganj to the Lehda Temple distance 38KM.             

 Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary

Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Maharajganj District of UP. There are 2 entry points to enter the Sanctuary – Pakari Range and Chauk Range. Panther is the flagship species of the Sanctuary. Visitors can book the tickets to visit the place from the office of Divisional Forest Officer and also from the entries to the Sanctuary. The visitors have to carry their photo id proofs and for foreigners have to carry their passport to enter into the sanctuary.

Nature Forest -Maharajganj

Munias, Mynas, , Snipes, House Sparrow, House Crow, Wood peckers, Rose ringed parakeet, Golden Oriole, Spotted owlet, Little heron, Lesser adjutant, Purple Heron, Shovelers, Doves, Jungle fowl, Hornbills, Bee eaters, Bulbuls Barbets, Babblers, Drongos, Tree pie, Ibises, Northern pintail, , Bar headed goose, Common shell   duck, Marbled duck, Pond heron, Open billed stork,  Grey lag goose Sarus crane, Lesser whistling teal, Egrets, Flamingos ,Comb duck, Coots, Cormorants, Cranes ,White Spoonbill, Black naked crane, Peafowl, Cuckoos, Darters, White breasted kingfisher, Sandpipers, Common teal. Gadwall, Mallard, Spot billed duck, Common pochard,  Ruddy shelduck, Wigeon, Painted stork, Tufted duck etc., are the bird species sited in the wet lands and high forest area of the Sanctuary.

Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary 

Best Time To Visit : November 15th to 15th June.              

The Sanctuary will be closed from 16th June to 14th November.

Do’s and Don’ts in the Sanctuary:

  • Fire arms of any kind are not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Walking and tracking is strictly prohibited.
  • Entry is permitted only for day time.
  • Littering and Garbage are not allowed to be thrown inside the sanctuary.
  • Playing transistors and tape recorders are not permitted.
  •  Entry without valid permit is not allowed.

How to Reach Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary:

                Gorakhpur to Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary – 56 KM.

                Lucknow Airport to Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary – 300 KM.

Sonauli  International Border (Nautanwa)

International Border is the open border running between India and Nepal. The 1758 Km long border includes the Himalayan territories as well as Indo-Gangetic Plain.

Sonauli India -Nepal Border

The most striking feature about the border is that it doesn’t look like an international border, the border between 2 countries!! If you are an Indian citizen, all you have to do is walk across the border, and smile at the security guards. Trust me, not a single soul is gonna ask for an ID card. Do visit the tourism office in Nepal (The building to your right immediately after the Nepal Gate) and get all the maps and pamphlets available. You’d be surprised to see the hospitality of the tourism guy. just 3km from Sonauli is Bhairawa from where you can get a local bus to take you to Lumbini – The birthplace of Lord Buddha. It’s just a 25km ride and will take close to an hour. Once in Lumbini, you have a lot to see, ranging from Maya Devi Temple (The exact birth location of Lord Buddha) to numerous Monasteries built by over a dozen countries in their traditional architecture.

How far is Nepal border from Gorakhpur?

Distance from Gorakhpur – 95 Km

How to Reach Maharajganj

                Mahayogi Gorakhnath Airport to Maharajganj – 55 KM.

                Bridgemanganj to Maharajganj – 47 KM.

                Bansi Bus Stop to Maharajganj – 76 KM.

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