Barmer, Rajasthan

Barmer: The Historical Palace

Barmer is one of the top tourist destinations in Rajasthan. This is a beautiful city which is situated amidst the sandy carpets. The city is highlighted in its beauty with forts and historical monuments. On the way to here, small mud houses and coloured buildings will give us awesome eyesight.


What is Barmer famous for?

Barmer Fort

  • Barmer Fort: This is the major tourist attraction in the city. It is made up of Rawat Bhima. The city is well known for this fort which is popularly known as Gadh Siwana, which means fort.  The fort surrounds small temples. There is Garh Mandir on top of the fort, which is the temple of Jogmaya Devi. These temples are fair during the Navarathri festival.  This place is very favourite to historical students and enthusiasts. You want to remit a small fee for go inside the fort.
Barmer Fort - Barmer, Rajasthan
Barmer Fort – Barmer, Rajasthan

Meva Nagar

  • Meva Nagar: Meva Nagar was once known as Viranipur. There are three temples in Meva Nagar. Among them, the biggest one is the Nakoda Parsvanath.  Temples are looking great in architectural work, and the atmosphere is awesome.
Meva Nagar - Barmer, Rajasthan
Meva Nagar – Barmer, Rajasthan

Kiradu Ancient Temples

  • Kiradu Ancient Temples: These ancient temples are located near the fort. It consists of 5 temples. The largest Someshvara temple was of lord Shiva. The other four temples belong to Lord Vishnu and Shiva.
Kiradu Ancient Temples - Barmer, Rajasthan
Kiradu Ancient Temples – Barmer, Rajasthan



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How can I go to Barmer?


We can reach here by road, rail or air according to our interests and requirements.

The nearest airport is Jodhpur airport, the nearest international airport is Jaisalmer. Train services are well connected by jodhpur, and it is connected to major cities. You can book bus tickets at affordable prices. Many bus services are available and are connected with major cities.


The month of August to February is considered the best time to visit Barmer. It’s preferable to avoid hot summer seasons. Because in summer, scorching heat may ruin your plans for the trip.

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