Araku Valley: The “Ooty of Andhra”

Araku Valley is one of the landmark tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh. A hill station, situated in the heavenly Eastern Ghats, is pristine in its entirety. The valley is inhabited by many indigenous tribes and is a plethora of beauty and lushness of mother nature. Due to resemblance in their geography, climate and beauty, it is known as Ooty of Andhra.


  1. Borra Caves: Borra Caves of Vizag is an adventure sport in the Ananthagiri Hills. The hills themselves are a tourist destination. Known as Borra Guhalu among the locals, the caves are archaeological specimen, with mineral deposits forming structures at heights of 700 meters. For the traveller, the site provides a wonderful experience whilst walking on the trail to the cave, taking in the scenic beauty.
Borra Caves
  • Coffee Museum: Originally built in 1930, the converted museum can give you insights into the origin and history of coffee. The museum houses over 60 varieties of coffee, and many more coffee chocolates. There are much more to try here such as brownies, and mousses. 
Coffee Museum
  • Galikonda ViewPoint: Situated in the second-highest mountain in the Eastern Ghats at 4320 feet above sea level, Galikonda ViewPoint provides an amazing view of the valley, and is the uppermost point of the Visakhapatnam district. This is one of the must-visit places in Araku Valley.
Galikonda ViewPoint



  1. Star Annapurna Restaurant: One of the hotels that have very good service, and high-quality food. The restaurant is budget-friendly and offers a menu of Indian foods. Biryani served here is supposed to be the best in the area. 
  2. Newspicyrestaurant: One of the only hotels serving Chinese food in the area, the restaurant has a comparatively larger menu to choose from. This is the perfect restaurant for travellers as it is en route to major tourist areas. The service is commendable and the price is reasonable. 


  1. Vihar Resort: A nice retreat in Araku Valley, with all basic amenities and reasonable price. The resort is perfect for overnight stays en route. The service is commendable, and the rooms are well-kept. 
  • Hill Park Resort: The resort is near to the railway station, and hence is convenient for travellers. The resort offers many activities such as camping. The price is reasonable for the quality of service provided. 


The nearest airport is in Vishakhapatnam. You may have to resort to other means of transport for reaching the area.

Araku is connected to Visakhapatnam through rails. Araku railway station doesn’t have many services to other distant cities of the country. 

There are the RTC buses in regular intervals that can take you across Araku Valley to different sites. 


The best time for a trip to Araku Valley is undoubtedly in the winter. In the months from December to February, the whole place gets an out of the world beauty. The winter air makes everything much more magical. Sightseeing activities, especially the valleys and viewpoints seem to undergo a heavenly transformation that time of the year. 

Araku Valley can be visited all year round, but for a traveller, who needs the original experience and witness the majestic Eastern Ghats in all its glory, winter is the best time.

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